Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Throughout these blogs you will see me refer to Scarlets congenital heart defect as HLHS. This stands for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a child with this defect only has the right side of their heart. When Scarlet was born we were under the impression shed go through the standard three surgeries...At just 3 days old she underwent a procedure that showed her coronary arteries were not what they should be and IF the surgeries were successful she could have a heart attack at any point in time... which left us with Heart Transplant. At a week old she had a pulmonary Artery Banding to help preserve her life during the wait.. She also had a balloon septostomy at 2 1/2 months to help.. we almost lost her 4 times, and after waiting 3 1/2 months she got her second chance at life. September 26,2011 an angel entered our daughter and saved her life. Our daughters life will be treasured no matter the length of time she may grant us, though we hope for a entire lifetime. "Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come." If you'd like to know more about Scarlets condition please feel free to read more of the upcoming blogs.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The blessing of Thanks

Well here it is, the first family picture, all four of us together at last and we couldn't be happier. We decided to take our little family home for this Thanksgiving, after all we've endured we enjoyed being able to be surrounded by loved ones. Scarlet got to meet her puppy Adley for the first time, instant hit! As soon as we introduced Adley to his new little sister it was love at first lick, he became very protective over Scarlet very early in our trip... We only went home for two days and you would think its like we were coming home from the hospital a first time, Ad new that was his to protect and love. Everytime Scarlet would cry or make some type of movement adley would be at her side wimpering, wondering whats wrong. At one point he heard something and barked real loud, went to check it out and when he realized there was no threat he came and checked on his little sis. Could we be any luckier? A perfect family.
           Wednesday is when we left after a whole "keys locked in the trunk ordeal", got home around two in the afternoon and started sharing scarlet with her nana, papa, great uncle tony and her best buddy and second cousin ethan. As everyone loved her I sat staring at my beautiful family, all together, on a day of Thanks with a blessing beyond words in their loving arms. A heart transplant child, a gift more precious then anything I can every imagine, and shes with people who love and cherish her. Later in the night Grammy Kim and papaw Jim came to visit before papaw was off to the airport, and then again, I think... I am the luckiest girl in the whole entire world, the most amazing in-laws a girl could have. They came to visit their granddaughter when they've worked more hours in a row then I can fathom, and another getting ready to take a red eye flight to another state, yet they still have time to come and see her. 

The late night of Wednesday we went to go visit Scarlets, godfather James, Aunties: Courtney, Erin, Alysha, Anna, Uncles: Travis and Riley, what an adventure that was, everybody wanted to hold miss Scarlet. As many know my husband and I are "only children" we have siblings but we grew up in a one child household, so alot of  these aunties and uncles in vegas are best friends, friends that through this all have stuck by our side, supported us in all our decisions, and love scarlet almost as much as we do. We set up a surprise for her godfather and auntie Alysha because theyve wanted to see us so bad, we made sure with the help of some aunties that it was made possible. I think we were a success :)
They were beyond happy to see us.  

Thanksgiving day was even better then wednesday, a whole day with my amazing family and many friends, Scarlets Uncle Ricky Bobby came over and all the wednesday aunties and uncles came to visit. Dinner was fantastic, and just the warmth, happiness and love I feel from everyone in that house was outstanding, overpowering, and inspiring. We may have been through alot in the last 5 1/2 months, but being there, with everyone and especially our miracle girl, its as if it never happened. I am grateful it did though. As weird as it sounds, I appreciate Scarlets heart condition, its led us to many more amazing individuals and families that we never would have had the opportunity to meet unless it happened this way. The Lord trusted Vince and I to bring this child into this world, with half a heart, and guided her and us to this point. I thank him. My life has more meaning now, then ever before, because of scarlets CHD. Im not sure I would have appreciated life, or my child as much if we hadnt been through and going through all of this. Thank you Lord, for granting me the opportunity to be a mother to a blessing.  

Thanksgiving is more then just one day for me, its everyday. I couldnt be more thankful for the family I have and the family I added to mine when I said "I do" to the most incredible husband and father for her children a girl could have. I am so very blessed to be able to give thanks to all my loved ones, to have a reason to be thankful. And to our donor family, that made the blessing of our thanks possible, thank you. Thank you wont ever be enough, how do you just say thank you to someone who gave your child a second chance. My prayer for Thanksgiving was that even though theyre going through a loss this holiday season, I hope they find peace, I pray that theyre happy, and with their family, surrounded by loved ones, just as we are, and that they know that their childs heart will beat forever with more love then they could ever imagine overflowing it. Scarlets life... Wow, I just am for a loss of words, my heart is full, my love for our donor family and my daughter is overwhelming.

And thank all of you, who even though you have your own lives youve taken the time to pray, think, love and support our family through all of this, it brings a light to the world that I was afraid had gone. Good people have been dampered by the horrible power of satan and his grasp of negativity and such he has on people, but youve shown me and my family that there are thousands out there, even hundreds of thousands, that care about others, even if their not known personally. This holiday season is special in an of itself because of scarlet, but you all have just made it so much better, knowing that there are people out there that are or have prayed for our miracle, or even our heart buddy Jasmine who is still patiently waiting. Thank you all. I can only hope that maybe scarlets success has given you a bit of hope or happiness this holiday season as well, be proud of yourselves for helping make a miracle happen through the power of prayer, and know that we love everyone of you, and consider you part of our heavenly family. The beautiful girl has decided shes going to wake up now so ill leave this blog with a few more pictures. Thank you all agian, those simple words will never be enough to truly describe the immense gratitude we feel in our hearts for all of you.
With all our love
The Sock Monkey Family,
Alexis, Vince, and Scarlet Griffith <3

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